As a system furnisher for surface engineering, STS disposes of a extensive expertise portfolio. Included are degreasing, steel blasting, spinner blasting plants as well as manual and automatic coating specialized on adhesive and zinc fins coating.
After the pre-treatment of the parts, the surfaces are being both technically and visually coated, as well manually as fully-automated.

  • Duplicate parts up to 855 mm length and diameter M68
  • Also special length such as basement armature bars up to 4,20 m length feasible

Automatic surface-spraying machinery

With the automatic surface-spraying machinery, flat parts can be coated accurately during the throughput.

Coating chamber

The coating chamber is made for small series, as well as for all parts which, because of their measures, cannot be coated with the robot or the automatic surface-spraying machinery.

Zinc flake coating

Zinc flake coating agents are non-electrolytic applied coatings.

The high advantage over electrolytically coated surfaces is that no hydrogen can arise during the process of zink flake coating.

Hydrogen embrittlement occurs often during the electroplating of the steel, this has especially to be avoided with high-strengh steel. Through the thin lacquer coat, highest corrosion protection is reached with zinc flake coating.

  • Highest corrosion protection up to 1200 h without base metal corrosion
  • No Hydrogen embrittlement even with high-strengh components
  • Adjustable coefficient of friction through top coats with integrated anti-friction agent
  • Immune against organic solvents
  • Different colors available
  • Reduces contact corrosion between aluminium and stainless steel
  • Chrom(VI)-free surface

Adhesive coating

An adhesive coating ensures the proper bonding of materials, like for instance of a brake carrier plate and the friction lining.